YouTube tests hiding the number of dislikes

YouTube is testing a few new designs where video viewers can no longer see how many dislikes a video has. Video makers can still see how often users have clicked dislike on a video.

The video platform writes on Twitter to test the hiding of the dislikes based on video maker feedback. YouTube writes that this feedback revolved around the creators’ well-being. In addition, creators could be the target of organized ‘dislike campaigns’. Video makers can still see exactly how many likes and dislikes a video has received in YouTube Studio. The platform calls hiding the dislikes a ‘small experiment’.


YouTube uses the dislikes not only so creators know how their videos are reaching the public, but also to show new videos to users. The button will therefore not disappear and users participating in the experiment will still be able to click the dislike button.

The video platform has been struggling with the dislikes for years, such as with the video below from January 2019. In that video, the platform indicates that creators can already disable the display of the amount of likes and dislikes. YouTube said it would disable the display of likes and dislikes for everyone by default. However, this could also have negative side effects, the platform said at the time. Another idea was that users could indicate why they wanted to dislike a video.

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