Xbox cloud gaming already works on Windows 10

Users have found a way to get Xbox cloud gaming, or Project xCloud, working on Windows. Officially, that feature is only available as a beta for Android. However, a trial version of the streaming app, intended for devkits, also works on Windows 10.

Ars explains that a Microsoft Store link to the Spanish version of this test app must be passed through a third-party parser. 

This parser finds out the various packages behind the Store page and users can download the actual ~ 220MB .appxbundle file from there, despite being intended for Xbox console devkits. This app can also be installed on Windows 10.

Once in the app, users with the offering id ‘XGPUBeta’ can access the streaming service. This code is automatically requested. In addition to the code, a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is also required. 


This also applies to users who use the service on Android in the usual way. The workaround has been published here and there in recent months, but so far has not received wide attention.

Microsoft Xbox’s game streaming service, formerly known as Project Xcloud and now simply cloud gaming , is officially on its way to more platforms. Apple’s iOS, for example, should be supported this spring, as well as browsers in a more general sense. 

Windows 10 support will also follow, but no date or time period has been noted yet. The service offers over a hundred games for the price of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which is $ 12.99. The servers run on Xbox One S hardware and offer 1080p streams in the aforementioned app.

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