WhatsApp: tricks for reading message without entering the app

Whatsapp: we must let you know that you can only read the text but don’t see images, stickers, videos or play audios.

There are various reasons why sometimes we read our contacts’ messages without having to open WhatsApp and not show up online. 

For this reason, below we leave you the following trick so that you know what to do in these cases, however you should know that it only works with a cell phone with an Android operating system.


The first thing you should do is access the main screen of the device and press for a few seconds until the cell phone vibrates and the options appear, including a widget call, then it will give you the option and search for WhatsApp.

You should know that this shortcut is in the form of a WhatsApp conversation and you will have to drag it to your screen and through this widget you can see all the unread text messages of the app without anyone knowing, including messages from groups.

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