TikTok’s algorithm favors far-right US accounts.

According to the study by Media Matters for America, “users can easily be exposed to accounts and content of far-right extremists.”

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The account recommendation algorithm of the social network TikTok favors the appearance of content and information related to far-right accounts in the United States, including organizations related to the assault on the Capitol on January 6.

According to research by media research organization Media Matters for America, content from far-right organizations Three Percenter, QAnon, Patriot Party, and Oath Keeper is being favored by the TikTok algorithm.

The content of these organizations is prohibited by the social network, however, the investigation has found that if a user follows the recommendations of network accounts, he finally finds one of these organizations and that, if he decides to follow any of them, he will receive follow-up suggestions from the rest of the far-right accounts.

The organization has found six frequent patterns through which TikTok leads to displaying content and offering to track one or more of the accounts.

As reported, the appearance process begins in the ‘For you’ tab, where the social network shows content recommended for the user based on its algorithm, based on the accounts that it follows and the content previously viewed. There appears content from one or more of the organizations that, if the user decides to follow, will lead to the recommendation of the following

Thus the investigation has concluded that “users can easily be exposed to accounts and content of far-right extremists ” and receive more and more content from them.

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