The next novelty of WhatsApp will allow you to further customize the app

Although it has always allowed modifying details such as the backgrounds of the chats, the customization options of WhatsApp have, historically, been quite limited. The latest innovation in this regard was the introduction of dark mode, but beyond that, progress has been practically nil.


Luckily, the company is testing, in the form of beta functionality, the possibility of changing the colors of WhatsApp, which could open a new door in this field. The level of customization it will actually offer is still not very clear, but it is certainly something they are already testing internally, judging by the Wabetainfo screenshots.

WhatsApp has always maintained a policy focused on protecting the identity of the elements of its application. However, this change could give users a bit more space in this regard. Other apps like Telegram, with whom you compete, allow you to change many elements of the application, such as the chat bubbles or even the icon itself.

Although the customization options can be quite limited compared to those offered by Telegram, the arrival of these options to WhatsApp is a breath of fresh air. And is that the app is almost identical since its launch a decade ago, adopting only the design guides of operating systems, such as iOS and Android.

This ability to customize WhatsApp is still under development and it is unknown if it will eventually reach users. It must be remembered that personalization was one of the claims of third-party apps, now prohibited by WhatsApp.

Personalization is another great feature leaked in the beta that hasn’t just been released to the bulk of the community. Neither the vacation mode (archived chats without notifications) nor the long-awaited multi-device functionality has been released yet. In addition, many of these tests constantly enter and exit the application betas. Especially Android, the most active of all in integrating new things.

Be that as it may, the mere fact that WhatsApp tests the possibility of personalizing the chats and the application is in itself good news. Regardless of whether you arrive sooner or later.

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