The best games for PC you can play right now

The best games for pc you can play right now review and some great strategy games that you can enjoy from now on on your PC. We take a look at the best titles in a genre that continues to offer tons of hours of gameplay.

The best games for pc and having the power, fighting for victory and believing ourselves smarter than anyone is something that is always nice to feel from time to time. Strategy games allow us to become true strategists and leaders for a few hours, so it is logical that it is one of the longest-lived genres in the video game industry.

If you’re feeling the conquest bug again, be it through treaties or through violent wars, you may want to take a look at the list we’ve put together.

If you’re an PC gamer and you have a few hours to enjoy commanding armies, signing treaties, and exploring vast new lands, you can’t miss the best PC strategy games you can play right now.

We start with a true “recently” launched titan. With this third installment, the Crusader Kings saga has finally established itself as one of the must-have strategy games for fans of the genre. On its own merits, Crusader Kings III is a must.

In this game we will have the opportunity to change the history of the Middle Ages, while our goal is to found a dynasty of unmatched power. The delivery manages to create a tremendously addictive formula, where many aspects must be taken into account and where our decisions will dictate the control of power.

The best games for PC you can play right now


While we wait for the launch of Age of Empires IV , it doesn’t hurt to hang out with another colossus that has arrived recently. We are talking about Age of Empires III Definite Edition , the remastering with a huge amount of content that was released recently.

To compensate for certain aspects in the battles that Crusader Kings III could not incorporate, with this installment we did not fail. Age of Empires III Definite Edition is an RTS where armies, control, resources have a more classic treatment, a traditional strategy game , but now visually improved and with much more content.


Now that Valheim is so in vogue, the Vikings have once again made a significant contribution to our daily entertainment fix. Therefore, we bring you even more. With Northgard you have simple, visually compelling and very Nordic real-time strategy.

Northgard proposes the conquest of territories taken by different Viking clans. The way we move around the map is focused on conquering squares that have different resources. In this game we put aside the military component to focus on the control of the terrain, the management of natural accidents, trade and exploration. It is a very kind work that one always likes to return to.


The father of the most complete strategy cannot be missing from this list either. Civilization VI is another one that should be found in the repertoire of any player who loves this type of game. The complete work of Firaxis proposes a true advance in the titles of class 4X.

Managing to surpass its last installment , which already says a lot in favor of it, Civilization VI becomes a difficult game to master, but when the trick is caught, nothing will separate us from it. Diplomacy, conquer by blood and fire … you choose.


The strategy also encompasses the card subgenre and within the many games that crowd here, we cannot but recommend Legends of Runeterra , the free title from Riot Games that allows us to continue enjoying the League of Legends universe.

Legends of Runeterra is a game that takes care of the user and allows him to progress generously. It becomes one of those ideal titles to start within the wide world of cards, although it does not leave veteran players behind. We will be able to control the great MOBA champions, while enjoying synergies and strategies specific to each region of Runeterra; all accompanied by spectacular art and designs.


We left behind orcs, Hordes and other elements of classic fantasy and focused on space, the vast space, which came to us in 2008. Sins of Solar Empire is one of those games worth rescuing from the past.

It’s time to think big and expand our conquests to planets and races from all over the galaxy. Giant spaceships in a mixture of RTS and tactical game that the most ambitious can enjoy.

So far our list with some of the best strategy games that you can enjoy on PC right now. Prepare your armies, lay out your plans and conquer the world / universe without hesitation.

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