Tesla already allows buying its electric cars with bitcoin, word of Elon Musk



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For now, yes, only in the US can Tesla cars be bought with bitcoin, but Musk promises that by the end of this 2021 that possibility will be opened to other markets , which includes, it is understood, the European.

Tesla thus becomes the first automobile brand to allow the acquisition of its models with cryptocurrencies, something that other manufacturers are not considering at the moment. For example, General Motors has ruled it out , at least for now.

To give security to buyers who opt for this virtual currency, Musk assures that Tesla uses for these transactions an internal open source software that operates directly in the nodes (virtual connection points) of bitcoin.

In addition, the CEO of the Palo Alto firm points out that the bitcoins used in these acquisitions will be kept as cryptocurrency , that is, they will not be converted into national currency.

The move is at least bold, since the value of bitcoin is very volatile and varies almost by the minute. For example, when Tesla confirmed its investment in this cryptocurrency, its price registered an all-time high of $ 43,700 with a rise of 12%. It currently stands at about $ 56,000 (or about € 47,500), but in the middle of this month it surpassed $ 60,000 for the first time.

This means that, with the current value, a Tesla Model 3 could be bought in North America for less than one bitcoin in its most accessible variant: the Standard Range Plus whose price is $ 37,990. And the same goes for the Long Range version that starts at $ 46,990.

In the case of the new offspring of the firm, the SUV Tesla Model Y could also be purchased for less than a bitcoin in its most affordable option and the Performance alone would mean 1.08 bitcoins. As for the Tesla Model S Long Range and the extreme Plaid , we would be talking that their current price in this cryptocurrency is 1.32 and 2.14 respectively.

Ultimately, if bitcoin remains on the rise for Tesla, the strategy will go well, but not so much if it devalues, since its economic resources would be affected by maintaining the value of these transactions as a cryptocurrency.

Much has happened since that first bitcoin transaction in which a user spent 10,000 bitcoins to buy two pizzas, since then it was equivalent to 30 dollars. Today that amount would translate into 560 million dollars.

There are already companies that support payments with cryptocurrencies through the BitPay gateway, such as the American telecommunications giant AT&T or the technology company Microsoft, as well as some luxury multi-brand concessionaires in North America. But Tesla lays the first stone as a car brand that supports this form of payment.

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