Telegram: Meet the new functions of voice chats, walkie-talkie style!

Discover how to use the 4 new functions that the instant messaging service brings in Telegram.


Currently, the messaging app, Telegram has become one of the favorites by users who require the service, in which, like WhatsApp, you use voice chats, which allow users to communicate faster than write, in case the conversation is short and direct.

New feature; voice chats 

For this reason, among the new updates to Telegram, the application developed new functions to improve the user experience by implementing voice messages on the platform, which you can play as many times as you want.


Telegram news

1. Ask to speak

Now, users who listen to your audios can access the “chat muted voice , ” besides, if in some situation they want to talk, they can press the button “raise your hand” for an administrator of the chat, give the word.

2. Recorded chats

This feature will be very useful for chat administrators, as they can record the audio of a voice chat, save it, and then post it for later. These messages will appear in the ” Saved Messages ” section. 

3. Chat information

The app will show more details of the chat and its members, in which each conversation has titles that allow us to know what topics they are dealing with in the participant’s section, which shows a brief biography of the user.

4. End of limitations

With these limitations, voice messages will have unlimited capacity, that is, there will be no user limit, which can be used by administrators of public groups.

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