Major update playstation 5 adds option to save games to external storage

The first major update for the playstation 5 will be released on Wednesday and will add the option to save games to an external USB storage. Until now, games could only be stored on the internal SSD and games had to be downloaded again when reinstalled.

Playstation 5 is the latest play console from Sony. In a blog , Sony writes that with the new update it will be possible to copy games to an external USB storage. Games cannot be played from this drive, but can be reinstalled with this backup on the internal SSD of the PlayStation 5.

At this point, PlayStation 5 owners will have to download a game from scratch if they previously removed it. This is a major disadvantage, especially in countries with a data limit or when the user has a slower internet connection.

playstation 5
This handout image released by Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc in the US on June 11, 2020 shows the PlayStation 5 console.

Sony says there are still plans to release an M.2 drive that can expand the storage of the PlayStation 5. Games should be playable from this SSD, but Sony has not yet set a specific date for the release of this drive.

There are a number of other adjustments in the update. Users will soon be able to hide games from their library and there will be a search function. Furthermore, the Game Base gets a number of small improvements. 

This will make it easier to switch between friends and parties and you can determine whether you want to receive notifications from a specific party.

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