Meet the SPACE HOTEL that promises a unique stellar experience

Space hotel: Voyager Station prepares an extraordinary tourist experience ready for 2027.

Space Hotel: Can you imagine vacationing in a luxurious hotel? in a five-star room and an incredible view that will not be the sea or some futuristic city in Japan that incredible periphery will be nothing more and nothing less than the vastness of space.

Many films made us believe that space travel was impossible, but this premise has been repeatedly refuted with the arrival of humans not only on the moon, but even on Martian soil. 

This time Voyager Station is doing everything possible so that we can have a stellar experience far from any planetarium, even far from earth. 

According to National Geographic, Voyager Station is preparing a space hotel where people will be able to ‘tour’ outside the earth, and see what until now, only astronauts have been able to perceive.

The immensity of that universe that surrounds our Solar system. Of course, the cost of such a vacation can be exorbitant.

space hotel

According to National Geographic, Voyager Station will be the company’s space megaproject with the same name that will make a connection between the essential technologies to have a stellar experience.

As well as all the comforts that people need on earth, this set aims to create an invention unique in history. 

And if you were wondering how your stay in this new hotel could be, it is worth mentioning that it is considering all the basic needs of any human being, so it will have toilets, showers and very normal rooms like those you have in any land resort. 

It will also have centrifugal force and artificial gravity so that people who decide to take this trip can move within the architectural design without any problem. 

But when will this be possible? well, the researchers confirm that probably in 2027 we will be able to have these trips to space, just a year after their construction has concluded.

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