It Takes Two (2) game

It Takes Two: in a world where products are increasingly similar, studios like Hazelight Studio and directors like Josef Fares are worth a lot. A Way Out was different from other games. The game told the story of two brothers who tried to escape from a prison together. The brothers always had to be controlled by a human player. A co-op game pur sang, without the option to play it alone.

In that respect, it was nice that, if you had purchased the game, you could let a friend play along for free, because otherwise it might be a bit more difficult to get enough partners. Anyway: Fares’ vision was that you experience an adventure together, from A to Z. You also do not watch the beginning of a movie with a friend and then continue watching on your own and finally together with another friend to the last portion. In short: start together, finish together. The latest game from Hazelight, It Takes Two, is based on principle, but fleshes it out in its own way.

A Way Out offered players a realistic story. The plot, the graphics, the choices to be made: everything was aimed at conveying a compelling story in a realistic setting. It Takes Two has hardly any resemblance to A Way Out in that respect. This time it is about two parents, Cody and May, who tell their young daughter Rose that they are getting a divorce. Of course, Rose does not respond too positively to this news.

She runs to the barn and finds the help book “Book of Love” by “Dr. Hakim “. She leafs through it, but then bursts into tears and wishes her parents to stay together. Her tears touch two toy dolls and then pure magic does the rest. A few moments later, Cody and May wake up and have turned into the dolls that Rose just held in her hands. And that’s not all that has changed. Cody and May have come to life in a version of their own barn, garden and house.

it takes two

It Takes Two

The first character they encounter in this wonderful but recognizable world is Doctor Hakim. The book has also come to life and Dr. Hakim immediately emerges as a kind of guide for the pair. He makes it clear to them that to get out of this situation, they will have to get closer to each other.

In other words: save your relationship, otherwise you might remain a doll forever. That process is the common thread in the story, which at times comes across as very sincere and beautiful, but occasionally breaks through, making it all a bit moralistic and pedantic. That is not bad. It Takes Two has all kinds of advantages that make this game a very cool title. The story is just a motive, an explanation for why Cody and May are doing their breakneck tricks like pop. It is not much more than that, and it is not necessary at all.

Needed, as said, is the second player. You can only play It Takes Two if you are with two players. The best thing is to do that together on the couch, but it is also possible online. As with A Way Out, your co-op partner does not need to own the game to play. You can have someone participate on a Friends Pass.

While playing, you usually see your partner’s screen in addition to your own screen, so that cooperation runs even more smoothly. The Playstation 5 has the nice extra that communication can also take place without headsets, thanks to the built-in mic and speaker function in the controller. The quality is of course higher via a headset, but it works well enough to play well together.

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