IPhone SE The next generation would arrive until 2022

The possible iPhone SE of 2022 will not have Face ID but will have 5G technology.

Since its introduction to the market in 2007, the iPhone SE has captivated many people, as they have the latest processors, a slightly more outdated design, but much cheaper. 

A new leak indicates that the new generation of this line would not arrive until 2022, with certain improvements, but until next year.

It was Ross Young who used his social networks recently to reveal some leaks about the new iPhone SE model and revealed that there will be certain improvements: it would keep the 4.7-inch LCD screen from the latest version, but it could be compatible with 5G technology.


 In addition there would be a version with a 6.1-inch screen and a camera in a hole-punch and no longer in a notch. This last feature is expected to last until 2023.

What was said by the founder and analyst of the DisplaySearch portal bounced off other important portals such as MacRumors. Many agree, after the data collected, that the next iPhone SE may not be compatible with Face ID.

The latest SE is based on the design of the already distant iPhone 8 , but, in addition, they have the power of the A13 chip that is present in the iPhone 11.

Some users of the aforementioned portals were disappointed with the possibility, as they consider that the technology and design would be very backward, in addition to that they are not as cheap as Apple mentioned  

At the moment, there are no more details about these new low-cost smartphones within the offer of the firm of the “bitten apple”. 

Despite this, the new base line, iPhone 13 , could come in models with 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7-inch screens, according to reports that Young himself also shared. It is expected that they will be presented in September and that same month they will be on sale.

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