iPhone 13: Meet the two new colors and its perfected camera system

Iphone 13

Every day new rumors arise about the features and new functions that the new iPhone 13 will have, the launch date has not yet been confirmed by the Cupertino firm, in California, however, this time they have been revealed new colors and improved camera system.

According to an video on YouTube, they reveal some news about the new Apple terminal, in which, the aesthetic change of the iPhone will be very noticeable, in which now several colors will arrive in addition to the black white and red that are already is used.

iPhone 13: Meet the two new colors and its perfected camera system

However, Apple has long been known to experiment with new colors such as jet black that was used on the iPhone 7 and experimented with on the iPhone X, so it is very likely that it will make a comeback.

Some assures that Apple is testing a new color of orange or bronze tones, but, before judging this type of color, it should be remembered that the render does not always play in favor, ending with colors and finishes as promised. However, it is a color that they are testing and it does not consider that it will reach the final version.

On the other hand, the Cupertino firm focuses on reducing the traces on the steel cover, and that the traces of use are manifested in the gold-colored model, over the rest of the other colors, to avoid this, the company is developing an anti-fingerprint coating for this new steel finish, which would be for the “Pro” and “Pro Max” models .

According to some images of the phone coverage from the front, they indicate a reduction of Notch and that the EveryThingApplePro medium confirms this rumor for the new generation, so the speaker would be on the upper edge and the camera would change sides, having altogether a smaller tab than the past versions.

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