Google Stadia shown in video running on Xbox Series X

google stadia

google stadia

google stadia Just days ago we commented that Xbox was working with its Microsoft Edge browser to make it compatible with video game streaming services. Now, a video has been published showing Google Stadia running on Xbox Series X, which gives us certain assurances that this feature will arrive soon for all Xbox users.

It was through Twitter, where the editor of The Verge Tom Warren, published a video where he is conducting a test with the Microsoft Edge browser. In this, you can see that he enters Google Stadia, testing the game Destiny 2 and Cyberpunk 2077. Remember that these tests are only available for Xbox Insiders.

Google Stadia runs on Xbox Series X

If the backward compatibility with previous generation consoles, added to the incredible Xbox Game Pass catalog were not enough, now Microsoft allows us to run video game streaming services in its native Xbox browser, as in this case, Google Stadia. However, it is not the only service that could be run, since according to PureXbox, earlier this month a YouTuber had managed to run NVIDIA’s GeForce Now through Microsoft Edge, being able to play Steam titles.

Xbox undoubtedly advances and continues to lead in terms of functionality and access to games, demonstrating that its interest and vision are properly oriented to the player. Now we can only hope that the browser update reaches the public, so that in this way we can enjoy our favorite streaming services.

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