Coming Soon!! 2022 Lost Eidolons, a new tactical RPG for PC and consoles

Ocean Drive Studio has announced Lost Eidolons , a new tactical single-player RPG coming to consoles and PC in 2022 . Although they have not yet finished detailing their platforms, the study has commented that it will be available on “Xbox” and that they have set the goal of making it also playable on “PlayStation” and Nintendo Switch. Similarly, it has been confirmed that it will arrive in English, Korean and “other languages ​​yet to be determined

Lost Eidolons – Official Trailer

The title will take us to a medieval fantasy world called Artemesia that will tell us the story of Eden , a mercenary who is immersed in a complex aristocratic conspiracy, which will force him to undertake a journey full of moral dilemmas, bitter goodbyes, shocking betrayals and epic battles.

Speaking of the combats, these will take place in turns and on maps divided by squares through which we can move our units while we develop our strategy to try to minimize casualties and kill our enemies in the most efficient way possible.

Lost Eidolons

Of course, we can obtain a large number of weapons and armor with which to improve the equipment of our characters and there will even be a dozen different classes , each with its own abilities, spells and statistics. Regarding its soundtrack, this will be completely orchestral and is being composed by Clark Abound , who has already worked on the compositions of games like the acclaimed Slay the Spire or Factory Town .

Along with this announcement has been distributed its first trailer and its first images , materials that you can see in this news to take a look at how it looks graphically and what its playable proposal will be like. Additionally, it should be noted that Lost Eidolons is expected to arrive as an Early Access game for PC throughout this year .

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