Apple: Tim Cook talks about a new project

Current Apple CEO Tim Cook has given new details about Apple’s interest in the connected car and augmented reality.

The technology company Apple has interest in the field of augmented reality and smart cars. While there are rumors of all kinds, as is usual, the company has remained in absolute silence, until now. 

During an interview for The New York Times, CEO Tim Cook revealed some interest in augmented reality technology, arguing that it is “critically important” for the future, without going into more detail. 

This statement could confirm the existence of projects such as augmented reality glasses, which have been talked about so much on the Internet.


Additionally, during this interview, Tim Cook was also asked about his foray into the automotive area with the Apple Car project, to which the CEO replied that it is an interesting topic, but that so far the company has not specified anything.

Finally, the CEO of the company has made it clear that he has never spoken with Elon Musk but that without a doubt a collaboration with him could be something interesting.

These statements leave us in doubt about whether Apple is developing new technologies for these fields, the only thing left is to wait to find out if these projects will soon hit the market or will remain only as rumors.

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