Apple M1 SoC outperforms Intel Rocket Lake-S i7

Apple M1

It seems that defeating the 8-core Apple M1 is a difficult task in certain benchmarks, such as PassMark. The news focuses on the i7-11700K and the single-thread benchmark test, which leaves Apple as the winner. Don’t forget, the i9-11900K is victorious.

The Apple M1X or the M2 has not yet come out, and they are already scary given the performance that the current 8-core M1 achieves. It is true that they are synthetic benchmarks and that, obviously, the Intel CPU is the best choice for the desktop. However, these results give food for thought about the performance capabilities of a 5nm SoC versus a 14nm x86 processor.

Apple M1 SoC outperforms Intel Rocket Lake-S i7

The 8 cores of Apple’s SoC lead it to achieve better single-threaded performance than the upcoming Intel Core i7-11700K in PassMark , which offers the same cores and a Cypress Hove architecture . Intel does the PassMark test very well, achieving the top positions in the case of 11th generation processors.

Ryzen 5000 lags behind both chips, and the TSMC 5nm works like a charm. The M1 consists of 4 high-performance cores (Firestorm) and 4 efficient cores (Icestorm). Apple uses an architecture similar to arm’s DynamicIQ or Intel’s famous Lakefield.

AMD will have to wait for Zen 4 to bring 5nm processors to the market, but we will not wait long: between 2021 and 2022 is the thing. Returning to the news, Apple M1 gets 3550 points in the test mono-thread while the i7-11700K blocks 3542 points. The difference is minimal and the source points to possible margins of error.

In the same way, they cannot be compared in terms of raw power, but in efficiency the SoC takes the upper hand. Of course, in laptops, there is no doubt that the low-power and professional ranges fall short of the Apple chip, which has demonstrated significantly higher power and efficiency.

In addition, Apple M1 benchmarks have been seen in which it surpasses high-performance portable processors of past generations, such as the AMD Renoir (Ryzen 4000H). At the moment, Apple has plenty in this field, although this SoC comes without hyperthreading , something that may change with the M1X or M2.

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