App Store refuses apps with external SDKs

Apple has started denying apps that use third-party SDKs to collect user data in the App Store without consent. With this, Apple is anticipating the arrival of consent for tracking in iOS.

App store: Analyst Eric Seufert reports on Twitter that Apple has begun to decline app updates that use the so-called Adjust SDK. This is an SDK that makes it possible to track users via device fingerprinting, including elements such as the IP address.

That Adjust SDK does not provide an option to users to prevent tracking and that the service also provides alternatives for developers to continue tracking after Apple introduces the tracking opt-out feature for users.

app store

Apple calls this App Tracking Transparency, and this feature of requiring apps to consent to tracking should be available sometime in the spring when iOS 14.5 is released. The feature is in addition to the ‘ privacy labels ‘ already available. Requesting permission should have been in iOS at the beginning of this year , but that was also not achieved, just like a previous schedule.

It is already possible to ask apps to refrain from tracking via the iOS settings, but apps did not have to ask for permission to turn on tracking until now. Apps on app store use tracking to build a profile of people by combining data from all kinds of apps, allowing for more targeted advertising.

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