Alibaba, Google and Huawei will collaborate on EU cloud platform Gaia-X

Gaia-X has approved 212 companies and organizations that will contribute to the Gaia-X cloud ecosystem. According to the organization, more than 92 percent of the new participating companies and organizations are European. Alibaba, Google, Huawei and Microsoft are on the list.

Alibaba, Google and Gaia-X claims that more than 92 percent of new companies and organizations are European, it also calls certain non-European organizations European. Alibaba has viewed a list of the participating companies. Fujitsu is mentioned in this list in German, as are Hewlett Packard and Huawei. Google is again seen as an Irish company and IBM as a Belgian one. It is not clear whether Gaia-X sees these companies as European or non-European for the mentioned percentage.


Alibaba, Amazon, Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle and Palantir are also mentioned by de Volkskrant as new participating companies. Palantir is a controversial American company that develops software to bring different data flows and decisions together in one platform. For example, the British healthcare sector uses Palantir to use data to predict where health care shortages may arise. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement is also a client of Palantir and uses the software to track down and deport people who have crossed the border illegally.

The 212 companies and organizations. These include Philips, TNO and the University of Amsterdam. Of all new partners, 40 percent are cloud and tech vendor companies, 36 percent are business associations, academics or non-profits, and a quarter are startups.

Gaia-X will not develop products or services itself, but must create a digital ecosystem that is regulated by the participating companies. Companies that comply with the rules and standards defined by Gaia-X receive a label from the organization. The organization will draw up guidelines, policy and technical documentation, which companies can use to exchange and store data among themselves. In doing so, those companies follow European rules. Gaia-X wants to present the first labeled services this December.

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