AirTags: This could be the new Apple device 2021 for tracking personal items

One of the most anticipated products, following the launch of the  iPhone 12 , has been a new Bluetooth device called tracking  AirTags of Apple . However, so far there have been no more official details about it, until today.

According to analyst Max Weinbach, author at Android Police, the Apple AirTag is a reality. This proposal would have as its main difference a smaller size compared to Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTags, but slightly larger than the Tile Sticker.

What is an AirTag? 

This ‘gadget ‘  consists of a kind of tag that allows you to be connected with everyday items, such as keys, bags, wallet or even the car, to know where you are at all times. 

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, it is possible to track objects. Although, it is true that the idea itself is not a great novelty, as shown by the fact that there are currently several similar products on the market, such as Tile Adero, however, the main difference is the AirTags will be integrated in a very effective with  Apple, iPhone, iPad or Mac devices.

How do AirTags work?

The use of this device is quite simple, it is enough to place an AirTag on the object to be monitored, when the object is not located, it is enough to access the application and activate the “find” function so that the device begins to emit a message. striking sound to help locate it. In addition to this simple formula, it is possible to locate the lost object on a map, using the mobile app.

If the object gets lost in a relatively large space, the owner can put the object in ” lost mode “, with this any user with an Apple device will be able to scan the AirTags and review the contact information, which has been previously provided, to be able to return it to the owner.


And the price?

At the moment, none of this information has been confirmed. According to the analyst, it is likely that the AirTags will begin to be distributed in mid-2021, with an approximate price of $ 25 USD per unit (approximately $ 499 Mexican pesos), available in the United States. In addition, it will be possible to contract an extra service that will allow the expansion of location services with an average cost of $ 5 per month. 

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