A robot dog that looks “real” and is the fastest on the market

This robot dog is designed to help disabled people, currently it can see, hear and talk.

The creation of robots is getting faster and faster. On this occasion, Weilan, a Chinese technology company, developed the AlphaDog , a robot dog that moves at a speed of up to 15 kilometers per hour; they claim that it is the fastest on the market.

“It really is very similar to a real dog,” said Ma Jie, the company’s chief technology officer. “It can recognize obstacles and monitor the height of the ground to adjust the stride frequency and adapt to the environment,” he added.

The mechanical dog uses 5G technology . In the first month, the company managed to sell more than 1,800 copies, each priced at $ 2,400. The entrepreneurs detailed that the orders come mainly from computer developers, tech geeks and also kids, who really seem to like it.


The developers promise to give the machine more capacity. And it is actually designed to help disabled people, currently you can see, hear and talk, you can also easily interact with those who have a physical or mental difficulty and take them to the supermarket or the bus.

Future ‘software’ updates would add the function of “barking” or human voices to allow interactions between the pet and the owner. 

So far the best known robotic dog is the one produced by Boston Dynamics . Their Spot model was tested in a recent US and French Army training. Other companies have similar products, such as Tencent with its Jamoca, which successfully passed the kung-fu training test to demonstrate the stability of its movements.

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